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Referral recruitment canvas

Use this tool to design a personalized referral strategy for your employees. 

What this tool for?

The referral recruitment canvas will help you to launch and maintain a employee referral program. It is a step-by-step guide from assembling a referral team to deciding which reward strategy best fits your company culture.

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Screenshot of Referral Recruitment Canvas

Your checklist

This referral checklist will get you more hires.

We made a list with 8 actions that will convert your employees in referrers. It will make a dramatic difference in the number of referred candidates you get.


The Referral Recruitment Show

Learn actionable advice from the best in the industry on referral recruitment #1 

Including interviews with experts of KPMG and UGhent.

1-hour every 2-weeks to run my Employee Referral Campaign? We tell you how.

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